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Miz [userpic]

Career, career... do I even want one?

March 29th, 2011 (02:00 pm)

Mood: creative

Interviewing for a big girl job is... well, it's a lot of weight on the shoulders when you know you are interviewing for a career, more of a lifer than a temporary position.

And while I'm quite new to this whole arena, what I've seen thus far I'm not impressed. Mainly, I'm not sure I want to work for the company I interviewed with at the beginning of the month.

It's been a 9 year trek through higher education and damnit, I'm going to say it.

I desearve a break.

It probably won't be for more than 6 months since the loan hounds are set out after you at that point in time, who am I kidding? I'd go nuts with that much free time. Factor in studying for the NAPLEX, sitting for the boards and jurisprudence exam and there goes half my summer. I probably won't be licensed until late June/early July due to my rotation bump so half my "break" will be dedicated to that. Once I'm licensed, the prospect of a salary awaits me - and let's be honest, that's enough to spur anyone forward past the "break" idea.

The unfortunate experience (or fortunate if you look at it in the light that it happened during school and not during career) of Rite Aid has caused me to be extra cautious in my choosing a pharmacy career.

DDM is a chain of drugstores that was founded by a pharmacist from the school I'm attending (pharmacist-founded companies are next to non-existant so I couldn't miss this chance not to be the slave of a corporate organization despite my longing for a "break"). It's also a smaller chain so in essense it would be an experience I've never had before. Preferring stand alone stores over chains, DDM seems to be the nice balanced blend of the two. The former dean of the College of Pharmacy actually mentored said founder of DDM and put a good word in high up for me to get the impromtu interview earlier this month.

Honestly, the closest thing to a connection I will ever know. And yes, it still feels like cheating.
If this contact hadn't been so enthusiastic about what I have to offer, I'd be perfectly content not applying to any pharmacies at this point - according to the "break" plan.

We are looking to move, becuase I hate this place and all of it's experiences. It would be nice to be out of the same zip code as the person whom stole my identity. However, there is more to be considered than just the police reports (yes, that's plural) filed here or the fact that I didn't attend graduation because of it - didn't even allow them to put my name in the program for graduation; consideration must also be given to the 9 family deaths in 3 years, loss of my pet of 10 years, numerous strandings without a vehicle alone in this city, how my bones start to ache as I re-enter this city after just having to get away.

If one is not careful, moving to a new area before ready will just cloud the waters there.

DDM becomes central in this decision in this way. If offered the position, we would be required to move. I'm trying to wait it out as best I can, cowardly awaiting the decision to be made for me.

At first, I heard that the store I would be offered with DDM is a small store "off the beaten path." My thoughts immediately went to how I feel here and would I be able to go to my car at night by myself? Thank goodness for Google Earth, those thoughts were put to rest quickly. I was speaking with the hiring gentleman, who corresponded rather well with me at first and then... fell off the face of the planet.

When he came back (his email came hours after the District Manager's), he informed me the District Manager for the store that would be "perfect" for me was on vacation and he believed the District Manager had already contacted me regarding an interview. We worked out a time.

The District Manager seem to speak more in terms of "these stores would be a possibility for you" rather than the before targeted one location the gentleman was talking about. There seemed quite a bit of disconnect between what he and I were talking about and what she and I were talking about. There was also talk about my traveling an hour to the nearest store while living here to get training in.

And the two hours we were together for the interview? We spent the last half hour discussing the actual company/position/offer. The rest of the time was the most laid back interview I'd ever been to. How many children, love of Disney, where we lived, graduated... it was more like... friends getting together for a dinner...

It was weird.

We finished the interview, I wrote my thank you notes to the gentleman, her and the prior dean here that put me in contact. There was no response to this message - and I had particularly asked her about contacting the hour away training location for training on Friday. I got the email from her Sunday saying I wouldn't train unless I was hired - good thing I didn't contact them, but maybe it's also good that I showed interest/initiative? Not sure if I'm smothering them with persistance or professionalism *twitch*

In her defense, she did say they had a big meeting over the weekend during the interview and again in the response to my email I had sent her a week previous to the big meeting, but whatev. Her follow up was that she should know "in about a week" about the hiring decision.

Two weeks go by and I'm checking my email every day sitting on my hands (which is quite an amazing feat, by the way). After getting the ok with my preceptor I send a very informal email "just wondering" where things were with the position. I get a response back that she doesn't know because the gentleman (the one I was talking with at the beginning):

"is on vacation this week, so I will check with him when he returns. He is the only one that send out the offers."

... send out the offers?

He is the only one that sent out the offers,
as in I didn't get an offer? Because nothing in my inbox, surely you'd inform applicants one way or another...
He is the only one that sends out the offers,
as in 'I lied about knowing in a week.' because the store position doesn't come open until the summer - which is strange to me to get someone all lined up this far in advance(adventageous because I have to break my lease and have been putting that off like you wouldn't believe).

So I apologize for bothering her, should I be in contact with him then? (Why play middleman?)

"You can continue to address questions to me."

Can... or should?

In any case, I have to wait another week to know anything about anything one way or another through him or her.

And it makes me start to think if I'm being unrealistic about the cracks in the system. Cracks exist everywhere, maybe I just thought they would be less in a company with less employees. It's real world, real world promises broken promises.

Or is this hedging on rediculous?

*rubs temples* I need my break.


Posted by: Mellie (mellie)
Posted at: March 30th, 2011 12:40 am (UTC)

Oy @__@ Finding careers is tough and stressful.

Going from school where I loved everything and it was all really hands on and people were interactive to going to the real world with real vets was...jarring. We'll see how it goes in a couple of months when we move and I try again @__@

Best of luck with finding a job that works for you. I know you'll find it, even if it takes you a few bad eggs to get there. ♥

Posted by: Miz (miz_lou)
Posted at: March 30th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)

Thank you hun *hugs* It is quite a contrast between academic world, ideal world and realistic world @.@

My current month's preceptor offered me a position that came open about an hour down the road from where we currently live. I think I'm going to talk to him about it again tomorrow and go ahead and open up that option.

Good luck with your move! Boo to starting all over again >.> will you stay in the state or are you leaving the west coast? Hope it's as stressfree as possible *hugs*

Posted by: rayleemental (rayleemental)
Posted at: February 5th, 2017 10:54 pm (UTC)
Kind of off topic

Hey, its been a chore finding a page related to the old jindai-high site but I finally found you miz. Just trying to find out whatever happened to the community forums? Did it get relocated and is there anywhere I could go find everyone again? It's probably all long gone by know but I have found memories of all of you guys and am trying to see if I could find out anything about it all over again. Just wanted to know how everyone from back then is doing now, you included!

Edited at 2017-02-05 10:54 pm (UTC)

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