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March 28th, 2011 (07:29 pm)

Mood: giddy

Most of my classmates are done with rotations this month, or next month. I have two more rotations to go since my August one was canceled. My rotation this month was almost canceled too. It's been... quite the adventure.

But one date is certain, May 6th will be graduation. I still have to pay the $90 for my graduate cap and gown @.@ Oy. I guess I'll attend even though I will only be a quarter of the way through my final rotation. Then it's going through the clearance list before I am able to take the NAPLEX/MJPE jurisprudence examination through the state after my review session (I paid $200 for) on May 28th.

It will be a summer of transition. Although I've technically not been a student for 7 months now, all attachment to an educational institution will be done in May. I hate this city, but I'm tentative to move too quickly for fear the grime of here will follow me to the next city.

I interviewed for a job at the beginning of the month for a position coming open this summer... I haven't heard back from them yet. While part of me wants more a break than that, and part of me wants to have some me time, six months down the road they will want me to pay back my loans. The little pharmacy is slow enough for a new pharmacist so I won't be completely intimidated... waiting, waiting. I'm pretty much depending on this job as the answer to whether it's time or not to move.

It's been 10 years+ since I've picked up a hobby, and I was starting to think of those things I used to do when I enjoyed life. I picked up a cross stitch set today to work on and made some home made pina coladas. I skipped lunch hour today so I could leave at 4 instead of 5 and actually see sunlight. It was epic awesomeness.

I'm excited about the change that's coming. And what better way to start than a trip to WDW? y/y?

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